Why Sealing your Driveway is like Changing the Oil in your Car…  

Do you have a new driveway or have you ever replaced your driveway before?  It’s an investment for sure. It’s a critical component of your home from a functional and cosmetic perspective. With that being said, how are you protecting your driveway? 

Many people think concrete is pretty indestructible. To some degree they are right. Concrete, when cared for properly, is very resistance to the elements and will last a LONG time.

The key word is CARED for. What have you done to protect one of the most expensive components of your home? 

Beyond the materials and steps of how it was constructed, sealing it with a PROPER sealer is of the utmost importance. What you need to know here is that all sealers are not created equal. Not even close.

Through over a decade of experimenting and follow-ups at past projects we chose to hook our wagon to a sealer called Pavix. It has many advantages that most sealers can’t touch…especially when looking at the benefits across the board. Where others may have one or two perks, Pavix covers the essentials flawlessly.

Here’s why we stand behind this product…

1.     It’s water soluble and made from ONLY natural products – no hazardous materials that harm you, your kids, your pets or your yard. That’s a BIG one.

2.     It’s a penetrating sealer that creates a more complete covering of the concrete even in the hard to reach places that other sealers don’t get to. Without this a sealer is worthless.

3.     It protects against water, freeze/thaw cycles (scaling), moisture saturation and even stands out in stain prevention.

4.     It can even prevent prior hairline cracks and scaling from allowing moisture seepage that can advance the crack issue.

5.     It can be used on both external and internal concrete slabs along with masonry and stone products.

When taking these distinct benefits into account here are the two things you can be certain of…

1.     Proper Pavix sealing will dramatically reduce your maintenance cost of your concrete products.

2.     Pavix can and will increase the functional and cosmetic lifespan of the concrete at your home.

Knowing this we hope that you see how adding this critical step to the construction of your new driveway or even adding it to an existing driveway is a necessary thing to do if you want to protect if for the long haul. In both situations you are investing in the longevity of your concrete just like changing the oil in your car. We all know how important that is.

Sealing your driveway is a very simple and affordable step with a huge payoff. If you are thinking about this process or have questions on it please reach out for more details on how to best utilize this amazing product.

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