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We know how important the proper materials are for your projects. They have to be sourced from quality sites, mixed in exact quantities and delivered with an efficiency that lets you do your job at the highest level. We know this because we are also installation contractors just like you. That's why we decided to supply our own materials a few years back. Quality and Efficiency. We want it right and we want it quickly.

Why use I-80 Volumetric Concrete?

At I-80 we operate volumetric mixing trucks that offer distinct advantages over traditional mixing methods. Here's why many Central Iowa contractors choose our trucks for their concrete needs

No Waste

Pay for what you use. Our trucks only mix what is needed. There's no waste. This saves you money and a mess. Most contractors save over 15% when using our trucks to deliver their concrete.

Fresh Concrete

Ours hasn't been spinning in a truck for 30-45 minutes on it's way to the job site. When ours comes out it's easy to work with and you won't need to add all the water to it. This cuts down on the time and also the likelihood of bad concrete issues down the road.


You can change your mix design up even on the same truck load. Go from a C4 to an M4 at the push of a button.


Do you have multiple small sites on the same job? Our trucks are highly effective with these types of pours that require more time for less concrete.


If you run into a snag and need more time our trucks can stop production instantly. You won't have to race that hot load sitting on the truck especially when you aren't ready for it.


We use DOT certified materials in all of our mixing designs. Our trucks have also been calibrated and certified by the Iowa DOT to ensure you are getting what you ask for.


If you are looking for a convenient option for hauling materials to your site or moving the tear-out off your site we have you covered here too. Our dump trucks and drivers are reliable, efficient and highly skilled getting what you want when you need it. Hire us by the hour or by the day.

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