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What is Shotcrete?

The shotcrete process is truly one of the most versatile processes available for the use of concrete in both new construction and repairs. Shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project and typically results in a significant savings of time and money. The following list is a sample of the almost limitless applications for shotcrete.

Shotcrete Applications

Ground Support
Erosion Control
Repairs and Restorations
Formless Application

Pools with Shotcrete

Swimming pools were first built using shotcrete in the 1930s. Shotcrete is especially suited for pools and skate parks with many curves, as it is shot against excavated soil, eliminating the cost of forms. The flexibility of placement that shotcrete affords allows every pool owner to have a uniquely shaped pool. Shotcrete pools are watertight, durable, attractive and economical.

Benefits of Shotcrete

  • Form-work savings of 50 to 100% over conventional cast-in-place construction

  • Form-work does not have to be designed for internal pressures

  • Complex shapes require very little, if any, form-work

  • Crane and other equipment savings or elimination

  • Labor savings of at least 50% in repair applications

  • New construction speed savings of 33 to 50%

  • Speed of repair reduces or eliminates downtime

  • Better bonding to the substrate, which enhances durability

  • Adaptability to repair surfaces that are not cost-effective with other processes

  • Ability to access restricted space and difficult-to-reach areas, including overhead and underground

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